NeST Aerospace provides the wide range of tools to analyze/monitor flight data which can be used for maintaining flight safety standards, performance monitoring and for accident/incident investigation purposes.

    • FliSAFE-FDM/FOQA is used to carry out an FDM, FDA, or FOQA Program that follows the rules, regulations and/or guide-lines set out by ICAO, the FAA and the JAA.
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    • FliSAFE-CVR Playback
    • CVR play back helps in the efficient investigation of accidents/incidents and the performance of flight crew. FliSAFE CVR Playback has the ability to play CVR data files with/without FDR ...
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    • FliSAFE-HOMP
    • FliSAFE Helicopter Operations Monitoring Program (HOMP) is the enhanced tool which can be used for any helicopter’s Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) program
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    • MOQA
    • MOQA (Maintenance Ops Quality Assurance) provides extensive engineering features for decision support in reducing operating cost through more efficient ...
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    • eFliSAFE
    • eFliSAFE is the web based FOQA/FDM service that enables the airline to Upload the flight data and Download the analysis reports with Secure Data transfer over the Internet to/from ...
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    • Fli-GIS
    • A customized ArcGIS 9.2 desktop application developed for generating terrain elevation information.
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