FliSAFE 2.6 Released with enhanced features to support FOQA

Date : 2009-08-14

NeST Aerospace today announced the release of new version 2.6 of FliSAFE. The tool contains the entire set of features which will act as the support for effective and efficient FOQA monitoring program for any airlines. The new feature set includes

  • Audio Replay – Users can play CVR audio files in .wav format within FliSAFE as well as synchronize the CVR audio playback with FDR data replay.
  • Capture - Provision to capture any screen and audio activity in FliSAFE with high quality and save the recording as a media file which can be used effectively for further reporting and analysis
  • Single flight analysis - This feature enables users to analyze / undo analyze a single flight in a data file.

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