FDR Service

Outsourced FOQA/FDM

NeST Aerospace offers web-based outsourced flight data monitoring enabling airlines to take advantage of their flight data: flight data replay, Flight and Maintenance Operation Quality Assurance, advanced and graphical analysis, statistics and trend indicators, quality assurance tools, recording media management, 3D flight animation and rate of analysis follow-up. The flight data service is fully compliant with JAR/ICAO/DGCA/Regional regulations, and IOSA standards

NeST Aerospace offer two levels of Flight Data Replay and Analysis services:
  • Outsourced data replay and analysis service data is send to flight data lab of NeST Aerospace for processing and the processed data is send back as various reports as requested by customer.
  • Hosted data replay and analysis service flight data will be processed at the customer premises.

Flight Recorder Readout

NeST Aerospace Readout Lab setup at Bangalore, India, can assist in the read-out and analysis of flight data from virtually any data source. The team has extensive experience in data recovery, engineering unit conversion and data interpretation.

  • Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) readout tape or solid-state
  • Flight Data Recorder (FDR) readout tape or solid-state
  • Readout lab deals with the readout data in confidential with secure distribution of reports and data. NeST Aerospace can also assist in preparing flight safety briefings based on recorded flight data.

FDR/CVR Lab Solutions

    NeST Aerospace has the expertise in building scalable, truly unique, world-class, integrated turnkey FDR/CVR laboratories for the military & airline safety/engineering departments, government Regulatory authorities & Investigation Agencies.
    Important Features of turnkey FDR/CVR laboratory solutions:
  • Techniques and procedures for handling recorders damaged in an accident & analysis of the flight data.
  • FDR/CVR data downloading, FDR transcription, analysis and 3D animation capability
  • In-house developed standard flight data analysis software tool - FliSAFE
  • CVR lab features digital audio/acoustic multi-track recording/playback, editing, analysis, real-time speech enhancement and spectral analysis using world class audio processing software.

FDR Calibration

    NeST Aerospace offers a comprehensive FDR Calibration Services. The calibration could be done to the component level on both recent and older FDR models. Extensive use of information technology enables us to give an efficient and cost effective service, while maintaining the highest standards of measurement.

    FDR Calibration solutions Include
  • adjustment/replacement of sensors,
  • modification of equations,
  • calibration of parameter recording channels
    Our Solutions addresses the following requirements at Airlines:
  • We have witnessed a trend in the industry whereby several aircraft operators are unaware of the parameter mapping, conversion process, and hence output accuracy of their FDR systems due to past retrofits/modifications, absence of FDR correlation information, engineering conversion documentation, and outdated ATA 31 AMMs and WDMs.
  • In addition to the above, parameter quality degrades due to sensor aging, additional sensor connections which alter amplitude/phase (usually through retrofits), disassembly/reassembly of mechanical elements during major overhauls, and sensors for FDRs different from the ones feeding flight display (recorded value can differ from actual value in cockpit). These conditions are normally associated with older aircraft.