Engineering Applications

Engineering Application Software, unlike their business application counter parts, are characterized by high degree of hardware integration, performance and efficiency considerations and domain knowledge in the respective engineering discipline. Engineering Applications Software Services provided by NeST help Engineering Companies to address the growing demand of Application Software in their product portfolio. NeST has been a leading provider of Engineering Applications solutions since its inception. We have proven domain knowledge and development expertise in

User Experience (UX)

    Human Machine Interaction (HMI) in computers has evolved over the years from punch card based operator consoles to Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) employing Windows, Icons, Menu and Pointing Device (WIMP). More recently, User Experience (UX) has emerged as the new buzzword, denoting the total subjective experience of the user -- positive, negative or anything in between. User Experience is more than just GUI; it involves attributes such as aesthetics, ergonomics and usability. At the marketplace, a positive user experience gives your product the much needed edge over competition. With an extensive GUI development experience starting from the early days of GUI, and spanning Windows, UNIX, Linux, Java and Embedded platforms, NeST has been a leading provider in the engineering applications service space.

    Our skill sets include:
  • Microsoft Technologies
    Win32, Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC), Microsoft Visual Basic, COM/Active X, C#.NET, VB .NET, Adobe Flash, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), XAML, Microsoft Expression Blend, Microsoft Visual Studio Designer, Open GL , Microsoft Direct X, Microsoft ASP.NET, Web services, Microsft Silverlight.
  • Unix/Linux/Cross Platform
    GTK, Qt, Qt Designer, X Window, Framebuffer
  • Java Technolgies
    Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE), Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME), Java Applets and Servlets, Java Beans, Java swing, JFX (Java Effects), Eclipse, Net Beans, AJAX
  • Web Technologies
    HTML/DHTML, Javascript, XML, SVG, ASP
    NeST UX Services include:
  • User Experience Design
    The User Experience Design service offered by NeST gives your product stunning user experience and phenomenal return on investment (ROI). Our usability specialists and user interface designers work with you to achieve a consistent visual and behavioral experience for your product, while our software engineers focus on the implementation, adopting a rapid prototyping model to provide feedback at every stage.
  • Application Re-engineering
    To remain competitive, software products need to upgrade to the latest technologies. NeST offers Application Re-engineering services to port applications to the latest development platform (WPF or C# .NET on Windows Vista, for example) keeping the existing features intact and reducing time to market.
  • R & D Consultancy
    To maintain its Technology Leadership position in the engineering applications software services, NeST invests in research and development in-house to keep abreast with the latest advances in HMI technologies. As our valued customers, you stand to benefit, through our Technology Consultancy services that range from identifying the most appropriate GUI technology to evaluating third party components.


    Embedded Systems
    NeST has in depth expertise in developing embedded and real time software for various domains, including Multimedia, Automotive, Networking, Telecom and Wireless. We specialize in Systems Design, Custom Software Development, Firmware, and Driver Development. NeST has delivered projects using most of the popular Embedded System chips and Operating Systems. Our strength in Embedded Systems Software and skills in Hardware Design and Development makes us an ideal partner for product development and R&D. NeST as a group is capable of handling the entire development cycle from concept and prototype development to product roll out and manufacturing.

    Our competency in this area covers

  • Real Time Operating Systems
    • VxWorks, pSOS, VRTX, QNX, ITRON, RTLinux CPUs
    • 8 Bit Microcontrollers - 8051, PIC, 68HC11
    • 16 and 32 Bit CPUs - Intel x86, Motorola 68K, Hitachi H8S Series, NEC V850, ST Micro
    • RISC - ARM 7 and ARM 9, MIPS, Hitachi SH3/4
    • DSP - TI , Analog Devices, Motorola 56K
    • Network Processors - IXP 425, PowerPC
  • Tools
    • Emulators and Simulators for various CPUs
    • Logic Analyzers and Protocol Analyzers

Multicore & HPC

    Multicore Software Services
    A multi-core era has dawn on the mainstream microprocessor hardware industry.As the number of cores increases exponentially, there is a motivation to integrate data parallel (SIMD: Single Instruction Multiple Data) computational units onto a single die, resulting in heterogeneous processor architectures. These trends in the underlying processor hardware have profound implications in product design, as well as in mainstream software development.

    As a product company, you want to focus more on the features that would delight your customers, than on the petty details of implementation. This is why NeST offers Multicore Software Services, first in the industry to do so. The strong skills of NeST teams in Image Processing, Computer Graphics and Media Processing ensures successful implementation of compute intensive problems in these fields on modern hardware platforms reporting significant speedups.

    Our skill sets include:
  • GPGPU (General Purpose GPU) CUDA(NVIDIA GPU), DirectX HLSL, OpenGL GLSL (NVIDIA, ATI GPUs), RapidMind (GPU, Cell BE), IBM Cell SDK (GPU, Cell BE)
  • Streaming Extensions Intel SSE, SSE3, SSE4 (x86), PowerPC Altivec (POWER)
  • Parallel Environments
  • OpenMP, Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB), MPI, POSIX pthreads, Win32 threads, Microsoft ParallelFX (.NET), Stream Programming
  • Domain Skills
    Image Processing, 3D Graphics, HD Video Processing
NeST Multicore services include:
  • HPC Applications Development High Performance Computing (HPC) is now getting more pervasive, rather than being confined to pure scientific pursuits. Applications range from simulations that replace physical testing to modeling of complex phenomena, in verticals such as life sciences, manufacturing, energy, intelligence, defense, and earth sciences. NeST can work with you in creating suitable models and then implement it in the chosen data parallel hardware.
  • Performance Optimization The advent of multi-core has signaled a return of performance and efficiency as key considerations in software design. Condensing years of experience into a scientific approach towards optimization, NeST has a track record in finding parallelization opportunities that may not be obvious in the first place. Depending on the code snippet being optimized and the target platform, you can expect speedups from anything between 2x to 200x, compared to original serial implementations.
  • R & D Consultancy NeST invests in research and development in-house to constantly acquire new software skills demanded by emerging hardware platforms. As a valued customer, you benefit by getting recommendations on technology choices - be it the hardware platform for your next product, the libraries to use for software development, or the parallelization potential of your application.

Image Processing

    NeST has over 60 man-years of experience in developing a wide range of Image Processing Applications. The expertise includes developing complex DSP algorithms for Image Processing Applications and performing compliance tests against various standards.

The skills in the Image Processing Domain also include
  • Image Processing Techniques
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Pattern Recognition
  • 3-D Graphics
  • Image Compression

    Complementing the Image Processing Capability are our skills in Multimedia & A/V Streaming, DSP, Driver Development, Embedded Application Development etc.

Information Security

    NeST has for long developed and maintained best in class security products matching expectations from international customers. The company has an exemplary track record of developing products and in conformance with stringent international security norms. One of the products developed in NeST facilities was successfully evaluated under the rigorous Common Criteria for Development of Security Products (ISO 15408) at Evaluated Assurance Level 3.

    The highlights of NeST security offerings include:
  • Custom Security Solutions
  • Combined with the hardware research and manufacturing capability, the CMMI L5 software development center has the experience of developing custom security solutions to some of the Fortune 500 corporations
  • Security products
  • In addition to custom support, NeST also produces its own enterprise security suite, to meet the out-of-the-box requirements
  • Cryptographic hardware manufacture

    NeST's ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities could meet any requirements in crypto hardware manufacturing NeST's capability to provide cutting edge security solutions is supported and complemented by its expertise in System Solutions and Embedded Systems covering firmware and software.

    Some of the competencies specific to the security domain are:

  • Cryptography
    • Real time secure communication solutions
    • Solutions using up to 2048 bit keys
    • Hardware / Firmware based products
    • Multiple hardware and software platforms
  • Security Standards
    • FIPS PUB140-1 Level 4
    • PKCS Standards
    • Industry Standard Application Interface (ISAPI)
    • Digital Encryption Technologies such as DES, and 3DES