e-FliSAFE is the web based FOQA/FDM service that enables the airline to Upload the flight data and Download the analysis reports with Secure Data transfer over the Internet to/from e-FliSAFE centralized remote processing and analysis station from each airport or maintenance station.

The airline can have an e-FliSAFE central dedicated server. The operations engineers can upload flight data from anywhere round the world. e-FliSAFE central server will perform the analysis by batch processing and allows reports and assessments to be sent to the appropriate flight safety officers, operations Engineers, fuel advisory, performance & planning personnel and they can access analysis reports from anywhere round the globe.

Process Model

  • Flight data upload using eFliSAFE via internet: Flight data downloaded from DFDR/SSFDR/QAR at any airport or maintenance station is transferred to the NeST Avionics centralized data server via secure internet access (eFliSAFE).
  • Processing & FOQA/FDM Analysis Report Generation: Our 24x7 data server automatically detects the data for FOQA processing - to identify any exceedance of the events or parameters previously defined together with the aircraft operator or flight safety officer and sends back an analysis report immediately.
  • Download of Analysis Reports by flight Safety Dept. (any authorized personnel) using eFliSAFE: The exceedance will be validated by our analysts and integrated into standardized or specific trend reports, which allow the Operator or Flight Safety Officer to monitor the trends and define effective risk minimizing actions.

Service Offerings

  • Flight and engine data analysis (automatic exceedance reporting)
  • Periodical trend and statistics reports
  • Detailed investigation and animation
  • Approach track 3D Visualization (on professional 3D Animation SW, on Google Earth, using Jeppessen electronic chart)
  • Customized reports to various divisions in Airlines
  • Provides user account to eFliSAFE login to upload the flight data for analysis and users can access the analysis reports from their online accounts.

Features & Facts

  • Flight data replay,(READOUT)
  • Flight and Maintenance Operation Quality Assurance, (FDM/FOQA/MOQA)
  • Advanced and graphical analysis, statistics and trend indicators, quality assurance tools, recording media management, (ANALYSIS)
  • 3D flight animation and rate of analysis follow-up. (3DFLIGHT)
  • Our flight data service is fully compliant with JAR/ICAO/DGCA/Regional regulations, and IOSA standards
  • Data Security: we ensure that the highest level of security is provided to guarantee the safety of our clients' information

Benefits of using e-FliSAFE

  • Reduced Cost.
  • Availability of Analysis results/reports in shortest possible time.
  • Data security & Confidentiality.