FliSAFE- Readout

FliSAFE-Readout is for flight data extraction, Replay & Analysis. It is designed for flight data investigation. Its features include color graphical traces with on-screen scaling, engineering unit lists, raw data views, data quality reporting, support for printing and exporting, creation of parameter display groups for quick report creation etc

FliSAFE-Readout supports a wide range of data recording devices, including tape and solid state FDRs, HHDLUs, QARs, DARs, PC cards from DMUs and wireless data links. Aircraft configurations for each aircraft are stored in FliSAFE database and made available for import or export. There is provision for automatic import, EU conversion and readout report generation

FliSAFE-Readout features include:

  • Configuration - The different configuration utilities enables the user to configure FliSAFE as required to suit his requirements.
  • Data File Management – Tool supports most of the standard file formats downloaded from QAR/FDR’s (.fdr, .fdt, .raw, .dlu, .fld, .dat, .bin etc). Data files which are imported could be managed in a flexible manner using the Archive, Restore & Delete features available.
  • Readout – Extracts the flight data from already imported data files to generate the flights available and also to get the engineering unit conversion of parameters in numerical as well as the graphical format.
  • Multi Readout – Enhanced feature for readout helps in easy comparison of parameters pertaining to different flights / frame range in a single window.
  • Relative Graph – Relatively compares the value of two parameters in the specified