FliSAFE-HOMP (Helicoptor)

FliSAFE Helicopter Operations Monitoring Program (HOMP) is the enhanced tool which can be used for any helicopter’s Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) program. Using FliSAFE- HOMP the flight data that is routinely downloaded from every flight can be analyzed for parameters outside established "normal" limits, and turned into useful information for improving flight performance and safety. Operator can analyse the flight data per phase/regime/manoeuvre in addition to classification of data per date/location/pilot.

Benefits of using FliSAFE-HOMP:

  • The FliSAFE- HOMP provided valuable new information on the risks associated with helicopter offshore operations.
  • Events have identified hazards which otherwise would not have come to light and effective preventive mechanism could be taken.
  • The measurements are building a useful picture of everyday operations which was not previously available
  • The HOMP has shown how pro-active use of flight data in a FDM program can significantly enhance the safety of helicopter offshore operations

FliSAFE- HOMP feedback into training:

  • FliSAFE- HOMP analysis details can be fed back into the training process
  • FliSAFE- HOMP information can identify areas for improvements in training (e.g. taxiing technique)
  • FliSAFE- HOMP events can be used to highlight key safety-related points (e.g. danger of loss of airspeed in IMC)
  • FliSAFE- HOMP data can be used to improve pilot technique (e.g. flying ILS approach)

FliSAFE- HOMP feedback into engineering:

  • FliSAFE- HOMP enables continuous checking of FDR parameters
  • FliSAFE- HOMP data can be used to troubleshoot pilot reported problems (e.g. event created to trap intermittent engine fault)
  • FliSAFE- HOMP data can be used to assess structural impact of events (e.g. aircraft hit by line squall)
  • FliSAFE- HOMP data can be used to detect misuse which could impact reliability (e.g. excessive use of collective)