FliSAFE-FDM/FOQA is used to carry out an FDM, FDA, or FOQA Program that follows the rules, regulations and/or guide-lines set out by ICAO (Amendment 26 to Annex 6 – Operation of Aircraft, Part 1), the FAA (FAR Part 13, Subpart I, Sec. 13.401; 14 CFR Part 193; FAA Advisory Circular AC 120-82), and the JAA (JAR-OPS 1.037).

FliSAFE is a modular MS-Windows® based suite, driven by years of practical experience by the world's leading flight data analysts at the major investigative & airline safety departments.

Features & Facts
  • Decoding/Decompression for most of the recorders.
  • Parameter database management for all available aircraft types
  • Analyze the data file format.

Area of Usage
  • General flight data analysis.
  • Engineering.
  • Aircraft Performance.
  • Flight Test .
  • Accident investigation.