FliSAFE- CVR Playback

CVR play back helps in the efficient investigation of accidents/incidents and the performance of flight crew. FliSAFE CVR Playback has the ability to play CVR data files with/without FDR data synchronization.

CVR Playback Feature Includes

  • CVR channel Extraction & Decompression: CVR Playback installation is bundled with CVR channel extraction & decompression feature which helps in extracting CVR files to individual channels & convert to the corresponding decompressed .wav files.
  • Synchronization of CVR audio with FDR data: This feature allows the analyst to identify an event on a recorder and see its occurrence or consequence on the other recorder. Synchronization is required to provide a common time basis for the user to work on two separate recorders (FDR & CVR).
  • FDR data graphical &numerical readouts with CVR audio playback: After the synchronization of FDR and CVR data FliSAFE CVR Playback allows the user to play the CVR audio simultaneously with graphical & numerical FDR data.