Fli-MIS (Management Information System)

Fli-MIS is a modern IT technology tool that provides mission-critical Information to flight test managers. It is designed to manage the collection of huge amount of information from various groups involved in the flight testing activities.

 “NeST Aerospace is committed to working with clients to customize and fine tune MIS software to fit customer needs. Such custom software development services have proven invaluable with all our existing clients. The MIS software allows customer to quickly collect & analyze the information from various sources, enabling to make management decisions faster”.

The power of the NeST Avionics MIS comes through having data from a Host System mirrored in real time to a centralized relational database, and a powerful set of reports to present valuable data to management in a secure and timely manner. This allows decisions affecting the daily process to be based on the most up-to-date information, bringing benefits to all aspects of the flight test operations – reports from design groups, flight plan data, flight test log, etc

The speed and ability to report by various parameters and to drill down to low-level data make the MIS a user friendly and comprehensive solution; providing flight test centre with a robust, scalable, efficient and extensible Management Information System.

Key Features of the MIS

The MIS system is based on .Net Technology and allows easy access for users via network.
Each user can be identified with his personal login and the designated password.

A few of the functions/capabilities provided in the MIS are:

  • Submitting flight test information (date of flight, flight number, names of pilot, co-pilot, flight test engineers, T/O time, landing time, flight time, etc)
  • Managing notes, manuals and attachments
  • Notification via e-mail
  • Notes Management: allows alerting the user about new published data entries and revisions. Clicking off the “Read” marking will be stored in a spread sheet for tracking the receipt and reading of news and (temporary) revisions
  • Manuals Management: Respective manuals can be uploaded, selectable for download and readable in details with the advantage of having all the users on the same revision level.
  • Finding or searching for particular flight information
  • Creating, maintaining and executing reports
  • Assigning user and group privileges, Modifying user preferences allows to designate properties according to their function (Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, Aircraft specific manuals, Crew schedules etc.)
  • Statistics of the flight related information (number of flights per month, year etc, number of flights flown by particular user, flight hours, etc)
  • Data presentation: The MIS supports multiple output formats for the reports produced including, HTML, Excel, and graphical within Excel.
  • Group/user wise report  generation (periodical/daily)